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Quality control is an ongoing process; from the point raw materials enter the factory, to the assembly and packaging of final products, raw materials and components must pass strict inspection before entering the production line. 
After final assembly, each unit is individually inspected under air pressure to insure that each unit is air and water tight. State of the art testing facilities eliminate hindrances during production. These quality control procedures have been instrumental in giving Puricom products a reputation for quality and dependability throughout the world.


In 1998, Puricom opened its own booster pump factory in Taichung, Taiwan. Puricom’s patented cooling ring, pump motor is the first of its kind to pass USA UL778 certification. 
In 2001, faced with a challenge to design the most compact residential RO unit possible, incorporating ground breaking technology, Puricom gave birth to the efficient and convenient, Direct Flow Tankless, RO system. Puricom’s superior quality and design continues to lead the industry in this revolutionary technology. 
Puricom was the first manufacturer to put RO systems in an elegant protective casing. A graceful touch of class to give the healthful qualities of an RO system the elegance it deserves.
From its inception, two things have remained uncompromised at Puricom: quality and innovation. Watching the trends and always looking to the future, Puricom is always ready to offer real-world solutions to the quickly changing demands of industry.

Puricom Culture

Puricom’s business model has been one of striving for mutual benefit in partnerships and compatible ventures. Based on mutual trust and cooperation, Puricom strives to cultivate alliances which produce opportunities to grow and prosper together with its customers. We feel customer input is important and welcome and encourage suggestions and cooperation which can lead to products that best fit the customers’ needs. 
We welcome guests to visit our company, and do our best to arrange accommodations which make our guests feel at home. Our customers are above all, our guests and friends.