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Stevia sweetened Belgian chocolates

Cavalier is a Belgian family company that has been exclusively developing, producing and distributing chocolate products with no added sugar since 1996.

Cavalier is aimed at chocolate lovers who want to or have to avoid sugars either to enjoy chocolate in a healthier manner, to keep in shape or for medical reasons, but without compromising on taste.

 Thanks to our high-quality range of specialties, our outstanding customer service and the flexibility we offer, Cavalier is the undisputed market leader in Belgium in chocolate products with no added sugar. And we are certain that our position will only be strengthened as we gradually make our unique range available via multiple distribution channels.

 Twelve years since the company started, Cavalier now exports to more than 45 countries.

Quality is a top priority for Cavalier and from the beginning we have made substantial investments in the latest equipment. The branch in Eeklo has been completely renovated. In doing so, a great deal of attention has been paid to hygiene, the environment and climate control (which is of the utmost importance for the outstanding taste of Belgian pralines and chocolate).

 From raw materials to the finished product: the whole production process is controlled by our quality management team, based on the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) principles, the benchmark for food safety.